Author: Brad Wells

Brad is a highly adaptable manager and marketing professional with an exceptional aptitude for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities. His passion for business, combined with entrepreneurial training and experience has led to a highly sharpened set of growth-oriented skills. He excels at project management, planning and executing marketing strategy, creating partnerships and business development. A disciplined problem solver, Brad uses data analysis to drive decision making. He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a highly collaborative approach and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Brad’s first taste of entrepreneurial success occurred as a teenager, manufacturing and selling surfboards in his parent’s garage. Brad has developed a pragmatic global viewpoint through extensive world travel. He has earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Miami with a Major in Entrepreneurship. Brad earned his MBA from the University of Miami, School of Business in December 2012.

Be a better entrepreneur.

Nicole Arguelles is a UM student, Orange Umbrella consultant, and an intern at Alpha Current. She recently collaborated with the great people at Orange Umbrella to coordinate a talk about entrepreneurship.  Big thanks to Melissa Jane Barnes, Nicole Arguelles, and Greg Scott! Here are the notes: Be curious. Always remain a student. How a problem is defined bounds its solution. Trust… Read more →

Where to View Art in Miami

As seen on Localeur: Thanks to cultural exchanges of visitors and newly arrived Miamians, the city has experienced a dramatic growth of the arts. Art Basel, held in Miami Beach each December, has quickly grown beyond the the confines of the event space and has spilled out across the city with independent events springing up in nearly every neighborhood. The… Read more →

Very Un-Miami Spots for Drinks

As seen on Localeur: Let’s face it: Miami’s glitzy nightlife scene isn’t for everybody. Even if you enjoy velvet ropes and bottle service, sometimes you just want to kick back and relax at a place that doesn’t require being dressed to kill or being “on the list.” These are my go-to spots for those laid-back, casual evenings of drinks with… Read more →

SBA and SBDC – Free Resources for Entrepreneurs in Miami

Launching a business can be very expensive. Even without major purchases, the cost of an entrepreneur’s time to develop a working business model is immense. Luckily for anyone with dreams of running their own business, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Small Business Development Council (SBDC) offer extensive resources and tools for entrepreneurs at no cost. In 1953, our government… Read more →

Have an idea? Admit you know nothing.

When evaluating risk and reward, an entrepreneur’s journey starts with admitting that they know nothing. It means having humility when considering ideas and dropping preconceived notions. Once thinking clearly with an open mind, much can be learned by researching an idea and gathering information from a wide array of stakeholders. I find the best approach for conducting this analysis is… Read more →

Blog for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (Featured Image)

Why Are We Blogging?

I come across so many entrepreneurs and small business owners that want and need help. It’s astounding how many complete strangers will ask for help when they discover my expertise. I wish I could help them all personally! In 2010, I started Alpha Current as a way to scale my ability to help more people build their business. Since then, we have… Read more →