Be a better entrepreneur.

Brad Wells at the University of Miami, Orange Umbrella with Melissa Jane Barnes and Nicole Arguelles.

Nicole Arguelles is a UM student, Orange Umbrella consultant, and an intern at Alpha Current. She recently collaborated with the great people at Orange Umbrella to coordinate a talk about entrepreneurship.  Big thanks to Melissa Jane Barnes, Nicole Arguelles, and Greg Scott!

Here are the notes:

Be curious.

Always remain a student.

How a problem is defined bounds its solution.

Trust but verify.

Ask why. Seven times.

Be conscientious.

Do the right thing.

Listen to that funny feeling (when you know something’s wrong.)

Be in it for the right reasons.

Be considerate of others.

Be present.

Show up every day and do your best.

Do something, anything.

Work in the business. And, on the business.

Trust the process.

Be resourceful.

Ask for help.

Make do. Use what you’ve got.

Use efficiency to eliminate waste.

Be resilient.

Get back up every time.

Have thick skin.

Keep trying.

Exercise patience.

Be likable.

Never “but” always “and”

Being right isn’t enough.

Make it easy for people to want to pay you.


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